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So you bought our TelemetrEZ, you read the installation instructions carefully... but you're just getting errors?  You've come to the right place.

Below are the most common errors (when there's more than one, its listed from most to least common), what they mean, and how to solve them.

Symptom Cause Solution
Switch Error! (and a bunch of beeping) This isn't actually a problem, but a lot of people see this and get worried.   As the instructions state, you MUST flash your 9x with supporting firmware.  If you have the stock firmware (indicated by that error and beeping), then the radio has no idea what TelemetrEZ is or how it handles the switches and it panics.  Then you panic.  Then you come here.  Now relax!  Either remove TelemetrEZ if you aren't ready to flash your 9x or, better yet, flash your 9x!  There is NO WAY to have telemetry functionality on a 9x with stock firmware.
Switch Warning (THR and AIL)
  1. You still don't have the right firmware.
  2. You're experiencing a 15 second delay.
  3. Something isn't connected correctly
  4. Firmware mismatch.
  5. Firmware trashed!
  1. The basic ER9X or OpenTX aren't aware of TelemetrEZ's hijacking of those two switches, so it complains.  Install the FRSKY variant of ER9X or select "telemetrez" option in OpenTX.
  2. Sometimes (particularly immediately after flashing the 9x), TelemetrEZ will be in a 15 second delay upon booting.  If the warning disappears on its own after 15 seconds, that's all it is.
  3. Double check the installation instructions and make sure the wiring is all correct.  Check the cables for damage.
  4. If you updated your TelemetrEZ's firmware above r.89 (all units ship with 89 or lower) then you need to make sure your ER9X firmware is at least r813 and you must set "TelemetrEZ>89" to "ON" in the Settings/Hardware menu in ER9X.  Similarly, if you did NOT update your TelemetrEZ but you selected "ON" for that setting, you're going to still have this issue.  The versions need to match. 
  5. If you attempted to update your TelemetrEZ's firmware, perhaps something went wrong.
Telemetry not working (but THR and AIL switches are working)
  1. Connections.
  2. Other issue not relating to TelemetrEZ equipment.
  1. Pay particular attention to the 2-wire cables between the FrSky module and the TelemetrEZ, and between the TelemetrEZ and the 9x (or SP board).  If they seem physically OK then perhaps you have one of them backwards.
  2. I hate to say it, but "not our problem".  Too many variables to cover.  Contact us for help but there's a good chance its just something with your module.  With the switches working, it proves the TelemetrEZ is working.