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This is a draft document.  It will be be continually improved until this message is gone.

Below is a pictorial showing the installation of our 9Xtreme.  Click the thumbnails to see the full image.

Contents: Your package includes:  A) the 9Xtreme; B) hardware (2 silver screws, 2 black screws, 2 plastic standoffs, 2 plastic barbed supports); C) FrSky module connector cable; D) USB connector cable; E) MicroUSB header; F) Jumper cable; G) 2x promotional stickers; H) 9Xtreme adhesive badge; I) RGB Backlight panel; J) Adhesive foam; K) Speaker.  If you are missing anything please contact us.

9Xtreme contents thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Below is a closer look at the small hardware.  Note: You have to pairs of screws which are identical other than color.  You'll be using only one pair (curious why?)

9Xtreme hardware thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Precautions and preparation:

  • Make absolutely certain you have your battery situation sorted prior to installing the 9Xtreme.  A reverse polarity event will destroy your new board!  Please read the 9X Batteries page [link to come] if you have any hesitations at all.
  • Please switch on your 9X with a charged battery before continuing this installation.  Knowing for certain that your 9X was working immediately before installing will help with troubleshooting if you have a problem later.  Disconnect and remove your battery while performing the installation.
  • Not included in you kit are a common Micro USB cable (required), Micro SD card (optional) and CR1220 battery (optional).  You may want to obtain these prior to installion, partiularly the battery which goes on the underside of the board and won't be easily accessible once instaled.

Step 1: Turn your 9x radio over and remove the 6 case screws with a basic Philips style screw driver.

9Xtreme case screw removal thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 2: The two halves of your radio are connected with a single cable highlighted below.  Carefully disconnect that cable by gently pulling while rocking the connector side to side.

9Xtreme power harness thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 3: Identify what screws your 9X uses.  Carefully review the picture below.  If your 9X has all the screws shown in this picture, includeing the one highlighted in green, then the 4 corner screws are slightly larger than the 5 interior screws and you'll want to keep them sorted.  It also means that the screws we've provided you are too large to fit in your 9X without a little modification.  In this case, please drill out the two screw holes marked in blue with a 3/32" drill bit (metric 2.3mm) to save the post from cracking.  In any case, remove all 8 or 9 screws.

9Xtreme circuit board screws thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 4: Gently lift the main circuit board up so you can remove the foam and replace it with the thinner one we've included in your kit (J).  Take care not to stress the circuit board while removing the foam and don't be overly concerned with getting every trace of glue off.  .

9Xtreme LCD screen thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

While you're in there, check to see if they left your LCD's shipping protection film on like they did mine.  Is so, remove it and discard.  It is thin clear plastic and comes off easily.  It looks like this:

9Xtreme LCD screen film removal thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

You can also remove a similar film from your new backlight panel. although it isn't really necessary.  It can be tricky to find and peel off and be sure you aren't peeling off the thicker white films!  The discardable film looks like this:

9Xtreme backlight film removal thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 5: Position to the RGB backlight panel so that the wires exit from the lower-right, as shown below.  Take a moment to be sure the LCD glass and the plastic buttons haven't moved out of their proper positions.  Be sure no wires are being pinched, lower the main circuit board back into its normal position and secure it with a couple of corner screws.  at this point, press the front buttons on the 9X to make sure they properly engage.  If they feel wrong, then something isn't quite in place so try again.  If all is OK, secure the rest of the screws except the two marked blue in Step 3.

9Xtreme backlight positioning thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 6: Press the two included barbed plastic supports through the two indicated holes as shown.

9Xtreme plastic supports thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 7: [Note: You may wish to perform Step 8 first.  Both orders present their own challenges.  If you have small nimble fingers, do this step first]  Position the two included plastic spacers over the remaining unoccupied screw holes on the 9x (again, those marked in blue in Step 3) and carefully place the 9Xtreme in place then secure with two of the included screws.  Do not over-tighten.

Step 8: Connect all the cables.  Below is a picture showing a complete installation.  In general, the headers marked with blue circles are populated with cables we supply, while those in purple use the 9x's cables, which you'll find nearby the header in question.  The two in grey are for future use.  Specifically, going clockwise starting at the bottom left, we have:

  1. 4-wire USB connector cable.  The other end goes to the supplied Micro USB Header (Part "E" in list of contents)
  2. 5-wire cable from 9X
  3. 9-wire cable from 9X
  4. Jumper Cable.  The other end plugs into header on the 9X where the main power harness orginally was.
  5. 6-wire cable from 9X
  6. 2-wire black and white FrSky module connector.  The other end goes to the back of a FrSky DJT or XJT module.  More details regarding FrSky module installation here [link to come]
  7. For future use (SPI connection)
  8. For future use (I2C connection)
  9. Speaker
  10. 9-wire cable from 9X
  11. 12-wire cable from 9X (this is the main harness coming from the back half of the 9X)
  12. RGB backlight

9Xtreme cables installation thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Take particular care with the jumper cable that it is seated properly, as it can take a bit of force to get it in.  Fully seated it should look like this:

9Xtreme connector close-up thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 9: Place the speaker in the space below the antenna as shown.  You can use some hot glue to hold it in place, or else re-use some of the 9Xtreme packaging as I've done here (I just folded the soft foam a couple of times and stuffed it in... seems to work fine).

9Xtreme speaker placement thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

9Xtreme speaker secured with foam thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 10: Connect the 4-wire USB connector cable to the Micro USB Header and feed the header through the back of the case's battery compartment as shown..

9Xtreme usb connection thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

9Xtreme USB installation thumbnail.  Click for full picture.

Step 11: Close up the case, replace your case badge and you're done!

9Xtreme vanity badge thumbnail.  Click for full picture.


Your 9Xtreme comes pre-loaded with ERSKY9X firmware, a very powerful version of ER9X.  Turning on your radio for the very first time, the 9Xtreme will detect that the 9X itself doesn't have the proper supporting firmware so it takes a moment to bring it up to speed.  It only takes a couple of seconds before the 9Xtreme has completely educated its host body, and you'll soon be presented with the ERSKY9X logo on your screen.

For help with using your brand new hunk of awesome, head on over to the official 9Xtreme section on OpenRCForums.