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When the new SP Basic boards were created, there was a translation error that turned a -2 into a +2 and the boards were created exactly 4mm too short, with the left edge shifted by that much.  That includes the left screw hole, making that hole not line up with the 9X's hole below it.

We contemplated re-making the batch and also making a custom bracket to fix the batch, but in the end the solution was simpler.  Not perfect, but given the expense of the other options it is the one we decided to go with rather than tossing out an entire batch of otherwise fine boards.

Included in the kits is a small, simple washer.  The spacer goes in the intended spot and the washer holds the board down.  The other screw provides enough force to prevent the board from rotating during operation.

As I said, the solution isn't perfect.  As you tighten the left screw, the rotational force tends to push the board out of alignment and it may take some finicky adjustment to get it both straight and fully tightened.  Once you have it in place, it will stay there and work as intended.  This flaw is clearly our mistake and it will be fixed with future batches, but we still have hundreds of these to get through {at the time of writing, which is November 17, 2015} and we're offering a discount on the current boards specifically due to this blunder.