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At SmartieParts, we take care of our customers!  Strong customer service is a cornerstone of this business, and that especially applies to dealing with problems, should they arise.  In general, our warranty policy is fixing what isn't right.  Since "right" is open to interpretation, you can find the details below.

Because the products we make and sell change from time to time, our warranty policy is split into two broad categories:  Products we make and Products we retail.

Products we make:  This policy applies regardless of where you purchased your part.{Shipping charges may apply depending on where you reside and where you purchased the item originally}  Other than those specifically listed below, our products carry a 6 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  This includes electrical component failure {something most companies in this industry limit to 90 days or less).  Items which may be considered "design flaws" are excluded as warrantiable items, so long as such a flaw is disclosed on the product page.


  • The Area 451 Parts Cruise Control carries a full 2 year replacement warranty against electrical and mechanical defects!  With a near-zero defect rate, however, this isn't a policy you'll likely be taking advantage of.  The warranty does not cover any labor or 3rd party charges whatsoever and is limited to the replacement cost of the unit itself.
  • The SP Basic 9X Programmer board (initial revision) is sold at a discount specifically due to a known mechanical defect, which is clearly described on the product page.  The warranty excludes this defect only.

Products we retail: From time to time, SmartieParts may offer 3rd party items for sale which either compliment our own products, or we are simply well suited to present them to the market on behalf of their manufacturer.  These products carry whatever warranty, if any, is offered by their respective manufacturer.  If you have a defect, please contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch with the manufacturer or primary distributor.

Regardless of the above info, we're more flexible than most.  If you think you have a legitimate reason for us to consider your issue under warranty then feel free to contact us.  No harm in asking.